About Us


What is LED4FREE?

LED4FREE is an approach to showcasing the benefits of retrofitting existing lighting to LED energy-efficient lighting on commercial and industrial properties. This includes offices, retail, restaurants, farms, parking lots, malls, and condominiums. Really, anywhere with an abundance of lighting.

Our most common customers have existing fluorescent fixtures that produce a inconsistent, unattractive light. Our proposed LED solutions are much cleaner, consistent and more aesthetically pleasing.

LED4FREE Process

We offer a free lighting energy audit (as we call it), which is a study of a buildings energy usage. An energy auditor will come to the building and record all current lighting energy uses, interview managers to determine areas needing lighting improvement, and then the auditor develops and formalizes a plan to reduce energy and maintenance costs. We then present the detailed results to the customer which showcases the yearly savings, the avoided maintenance costs, the environmental benefits, the amount of time to pay back the project cost based on savings.


The proposal can be lengthy depending on the amount of information required. If the customer signs the proposal and wants to move forward with the project, we order material and set a start date/deadline for the project. Throughout the project we make sure to recycle every thing possible, it is quite a task because all the material goes to different facilities. 
We recycle all of the cardboard, steel, aluminum, glass, light bulbs, and lighting ballasts.

Save money, power your ideas.