Property Manager LED Lighting


Why Choose LED's?

For property managers and apartment complexes, saving money on your energy bills can go a long way. Switching out your old lighting fixtures and replacing them with LED's won't just save you money, but also peace of mind.

What We Cover

    Housing Developments


    Apartment Buildings


  • How long do LED's last?

    LEDs consume +/-80% less energy than traditional light sources, last 40 times longer than incandescent and 5 times longer than compact fluorescent.

  • Are LED lights dimmable or Harmful?

    They're dimmable and controllable which enhances colours, contains no mercury, does not emit IR or UV light and are nearly impossible to break

  • 7,300 Days

    Lifespan of 1 LED bulb

  • $1.56

    Yearly LED energy cost

  • 2,433 Days

    Lifespan of 1 CFL bulb

  • $2.25

    Yearly CFL energy cost

  • 347 Days

    Lifespan of 1 Incandescent bulb

  • $10.37

    Yearly Incandescent energy cost