How Retrofitting Your Lighting With LED Lights Can Save You Money

How Retrofitting Your Lighting With LED Lights Can Save You Money

Have you been considering an LED retrofit for your commercial or rental property? If you are unsure of where to start, LED4Free can help! We work with you to ensure your property has up-to-date and energy-efficient lighting so that you can save on your utility bills! 

Retrofitting is the process of adding something new (such as an accessory, technology, or component) that wasn't previously installed or that wasn't originally part of the construction. The term retrofit is synonymus with the term conversion. Most retrofits that take place today are LED lighting retrofits. LED lights replace traditional lighting technology; they benefit interior and exterior lighting in commercial properties.

An LED retrofit can benefit you in three main ways:

  1. Energy efficiency improvements.- Retrofitting your current lighting with energy-efficient LED bulbs can save you up to 80% in your annual energy costs. The savings can even help finance the costs of retrofitting your facilities with LED technology.
  1. Reduce maintenance and operating costs.- You can save a lot of money on recurring maintenance expenses by investing in LED lighting that can last up to 50 times longer than traditional bulbs. The initial costs tend to be higher, but the longer lifespan makes up for this several times.
  1. Improved lighting quality.- The light emitted from LEDs is much higher quality than traditional lighting because LED bulbs are closer to natural light and are much easier on the eyes. 

There are also business opportunities and financing options to complete an LED retrofit or conversion. The Canadian government has grants available to assist with the cost of retrofitting as well.

LED bulbs use less energy than other forms of lighting and last longer - LED bulbs can have up to 50,000 hours of life which means you won't have to replace them for years. One of the best features of LED lights is that they convert about 90 percent of their power into light. This means LEDs produce less heat and can help you save on cooling costs as well as your electric bill. LEDs do not contain mercury like many light bulbs once did, so they're safe for your family and the environment.

If you're like most people, your current light bulbs are costing you more than $300 per year. That's because they're not very energy efficient and they don't last very long. But what if we told you that LEDs could save you up to 80% on your lighting costs? That's right: by making the switch, you could save up to $300 a year. And this savings will only increase as LED technology improves over time.

The cost of retrofitting your current lighting with LEDs can vary depending on the project. LED4Free will do a study of the building's energy usage, which we call a free lighting energy audit. An energy auditor will visit your building and record the current lighting and the energy it is using. The auditor will do interviews to determine the areas that need lighting improvements and then develops a plan to reduce maintenance and energy costs. We then present the results to the customer, which will show the yearly savings, the savings on maintenance costs, the benefits to the environment and the period it will take to pay off the project cost based on the energy savings. This proposal can be lengthy, depending on the amount of information collected. If you want to proceed with the retrofitting project, we will order the materials and set a timeline for the project. 

Retrofitting your lighting with LEDs is a quick and easy way to save money. LEDs are long-term investments that pay for themselves over time by using less energy and wearing out much more slowly than traditional incandescent bulbs. LED4Free will help you decide what type of LED lights to install and ensure the process goes quickly and efficiently, so there is minimal disruption in your building. Contact LED4Free today for a free energy audit and save money by retrofitting your lighting today!