Start Your Retrofit with a FREE Energy Audit from LED4FREE

Start Your Retrofit with a FREE Energy Audit from LED4FREE

An energy audit is the most economical way to maximize energy efficiency in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. An energy audit is an evaluation of the energy performances of any building or space. One of our expert electrical auditors carries out the audit, who analyzes the building's lighting and the whole electrical system and recommends ways to increase energy efficiency. We focus our energy audits on lighting systems.

LED4Free Lighting audit is the first step to lighting design and to further develop LED solutions. Our Free energy audits can provide insight into how our electrical technicians can improve lighting. Conducting a lighting audit can help you implement cost-effective changes to benefit your business, facility, or space. Our lighting energy audits will give you a better handle on an expected project cost and return on investment. Plus, you can use the audits to create a baseline of what is already in your facility, identifying potential installation conditions if any issues arise.

We begin by acquiring location-specific details and determining where all lighting and light fixtures are. Sometimes we may request blueprints of a building or facility, but our electricians are skilled professionals who can locate what we require. We must observe the quantity and quality of available light. We outline the locations in our report as well. 

Next, we review each lighting fixture to determine the fixture types, their attributes, and any special notes we might need to consider. A list of lighting fixture specifications that we'll include in the report are:

  1. the quantity of bulbs the fixtures uses
  2. the Wattage of each bulb, and the Watts the entire fixture consumes
  3. the Hours per day each fixture is being used
  4. the Location of lighting fixtures
  5. the Usage of lighting fixtures
  6. Additional notes include controls, wiring, window skylights, condition of poles, mounting height, special hours, etc.

Once we have gathered this information on all fixtures, we calculate each fixture's Kilowatt (kW) rate. We can identify critical areas for optimization and the best locations to increase efficiency and saving by auditing each lighting fixture. We also use a specially designed lightmeter to acquire detailed measurements of illumination levels.

We will take all of our information and calculate your approximate Annual Burn Hours or how many gigajoule (GJ) your lighting consumer per year. One GJ is equal to 277.8 kWh. A single gigajoule is the amount of energy required to power a 100 watt light bulb for one hour. We find that calculating your energy costs and consumption is exciting. 

Part of our lighting energy audit is to review your utility bills to see how much you pay per month for electricity (kWh), then you can calculate how much your kWh cost per hour. The number of kWh determines your costs in a period multiplied by the cost per kWh. We take all of your available information to calculate your current annual energy expense for your fixture(s). Our electrical auditors and technicians will also calculate the baseline for the cost of running your facility on its current lighting setup.

 LED4Free will then analyze this data, compare your existing audit and fixture specifications, and provide you with a proposal for a new system with LED bulbs, fixtures, and retrofitting options that will significantly reduce your monthly energy bill. LED4Free Lighting audit gives us information to be able to design the lighting. 

In addition, you'll have a network of highly trained lighting specialists to assist you throughout this process! We recommend having a lighting audit be done annually, as correctly maintaining your lighting can save you money in the long run. A single dirty bulb can reduce illumination output by up to 70%! Dust can hinder the lamp's effectiveness for many reasons. It can prevent light from entering the light fixture, reflect light away from the bulb, and make it hard to bounce off of reflective surfaces. When particles are present, they act like tiny prisms, breaking up the light into different colours. Cleaning your bulbs is an easy way to save money on your energy bill and increase illumination levels!

Contact LED4FREE for your free energy audit and talk to us about LED retrofitting your residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal spaces. We'll light up your life.