What is LED Retrofit? Everything You Need To Know

What is LED Retrofit? Everything You Need To Know

The idea of LED Retrofit has been around for a while now. Before LED retrofitting became well known, electricians used other forms of retrofitting your home to save energy. However, these soon were found to be inefficient and costly. Inefficient upgrades can be frustrating when you've spent a lot of money on other retrofitting solutions only to find out that they aren't doing the job correctly. Our LED retrofitting has become a popular solution for homes, businesses, and organizations to save energy and money.

What is a LED Retrofitting?

An LED retrofit is taking your home or business' existing fixtures (traditionally: CFL, Fluorescent, Incandescent, etc.) and converting them to a LED lighting fixture. Sometimes it is more practical to retrofit an existing fixture to LED simply by replacing the bulbs. 

Why LED Retrofitting?

We use Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights in nearly every electronic device manufactured and sold today. Due to their compact sizes, minimal maintenance, energy efficiency, and colour quality, LED lighting has dominated well beyond just the lighting and electrical industries.

Benefits of LED Retrofitting:

LED retrofitting is safer and more cost-effective than the traditional and halogen alternatives. It is cost-effective because it is a direct replacement for your current light fixtures, and there's no need to install new light fixtures. It's also safer because it uses LEDs, which are much more energy-efficient and better for the environment; this reduces the amount of mercury and carbon dioxide on the planet, thereby making your home safe and eco-friendly. If you are using some LED lighting in your home, chances are you're already receiving some benefits. With lower energy costs and longer lighting hours, you're on the right track, but the one thing you may not know about LED lighting is that you can replace some of your current bulbs with LED retrofit bulbs. These new LED bulbs are designed to fit your existing lamp fixtures, making installation more accessible than ever! Not only does it not require new wiring, but you also don't have to worry about re-wiring your system.

Types of LED Retrofitting:

We offer residential retrofitting, commercial retrofitting, and industrial retrofitting so that you can upgrade your lighting in any space. Because LED lights are smaller and use less energy than other lighting technology, they are an excellent option for several different applications. Everyone can use LED lights in home lighting, automotive lighting, and a variety of other applications. LED lights are long-lasting compared to other types of lighting, and they're also much thinner and provide more options when it comes to lighting placement. There is a wide range of different LED lights available, so it's essential to consider your project needs to get the best results!

The power savings are immense when switching to LEDs when compared to traditional lighting. A single bulb can produce lights equivalent to an old 100-watt incandescent bulb but uses 8 watts! Furthermore, LEDs use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Upgrading your lighting with LED4FREE means that the next time the power bill comes around, it'll be lower if you switch to LEDs. 

  1. Improved annual (return on investment) ROIs by at least 115%
  2. Average annual savings of $60,000 
  3. Approximately 25% increase in lighting levels
  4. Longer lasting lighting bulbs and fixtures
  5. 100% reduction of lighting mercury levels
  6. Removed 29 tons of CO2 annually

We recycle and discard your old bulbs in government-approved facilities to ensure any bulbs with mercury are disposed of correctly. LED retrofits are an easy way to reduce energy consumption in your home or business. The lighting market is booming right now, and there are many options for government grants or financing options to get started.

LED4FREE operates by Bengert Electric, which means if you have dimmer features, we will change the dimmer switches to an LED-specific version. We will ensure your wiring, and lighting fixtures support your LED retrofitting. We will review your entire system with an energy audit so that features such as fans, dimmers, and overall lighting compatibility will work for your individual needs. Contact us to learn more and get your free lighting energy audit.